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Hair coloring

Corrective color and individualized creative color appointments will require a consultation! Call The Total Effect now to schedule yours!


"What's the difference between semi-permanent and permanent hair color?"

How long do you want your color to last? How much of a change do you want to see in your hair color? Semi-permanent color is perfect if you're looking for a more subtle look or a minor change. Semi-permanent colors wash out after about 6 to 12 shampoo washes. Since it's temporary, there's no permanent commitment to your color change, and you won't have to deal with your roots showing. Semi-permanent colors only darken your hair - they can't lighten your hair since they don't contain ammonia or peroxide.


Demi-permanent color has the same properties as semi-permanent, but you can lighten your hair or make it darker! Permanent color is where you'll experience dramatic changes. It doesn't wash out with shampooing, and it's meant for big color changes. Gray hair? You'll need permanent color. It uses peroxide and ammonia that remove color pigment from your hair, depositing new color on top. You'll begin to see your roots after a few weeks, so a re-touch of color is suggested every six weeks.


"What's a single-process color?"

Single-process color is simply the application of one color or toner to achieve an all-over color. You can have some contrast, depending on the color used and your existing hair color, but there's just one application. That's why it's referred to as "single-process."


"When and why are foils used?"

Foils are used to introduce and manage multiple colors in your hair. They allow your colorist to place new hues strategically, making for a truly designed and unique look. Foils are also popular for a stylist who's highlighting your hair. Foils are uncommon if your hair is very short.

Frequent questions about hair color

Professional color menu


$70.00  and up

Color & Cut

$92.00 and up

Partial Foil (per foil)

$5.00 and up


$110.00 and up

Foil & Cut

$145.00 and up


$30.00 and up

Extra Color

$30.00 and up


$135.00 and up

Partial Ombre

$95.00 and up


$130.00 and up

Partial Balayage

$95.00 and up

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Hair Color