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"What kind of hair extensions does The Total Effect use? What is the cost?"


At The Total Effect, we use Micro Point Solutions, Accents, Links, and So.Cap human hair extensions! You can view their website by clicking here. To determine the price of your extensions you'll first need to partake in a FREE consultation. We'll answer all your burning questions at your consultation!


"How long does the hair extension process take?"

Time taken in the process depends on the method used to attach your extensions. Fusion (attaching strand by strand), braiding, weaving, forming mini-locs, stringing, and using clip-in extensions all vary in their time requirements. Fusion is typically used to apply our So.Cap hair extensions and this requires several hours for perfect results.


"Do I need to pay any maintenance costs?"

Maintaining your extensions is crucial. If properly cared for, your human hair extensions can last for up to one year! They typically last for five months. Synthetic extensions last for one to three months. During maintenance appointments, we'll replace extensions that have fallen out, or remove the extensions to accommodate new hair growth. You may need a haircut to realistically blend your extensions with your natural style.


"Does it hurt getting extensions?"

Not at all! Some clients have complained of minor headaches due to drastic changes from short to very long hair, and this may be due to the weight of new extensions. However, the process itself is painless.


"Will I need to use special products or appliances for my extensions?"

We'll help you find the products best suited for your extensions. We use human hair extensions that should be safe for most heating appliances such as a blower or curling iron. We'll guide you on how to safely use these appliances with your extensions so as not to damage them.


"Is there anything special I can do to keep my extensions looking their best?"

Your stylist will give you guidance on the best practices for maintaining your extensions. This includes wearing a cap while swimming and blow-drying your hair after showering or getting it wet. Braiding your hair before going to bed may help keep your extensions from tangling.


"Is it possible to color or perm my hair with extensions?"

In most cases, you'll be able to dye your roots with extensions. All-over color changes or perms will most likely not be possible. It's best to remove your extensions if you're planning on a dramatic style change.


"Are human hair extensions higher in quality than synthetic?"

This depends on how long you want to keep your extensions, and if you plan to style them. Human hair is best for long-term extensions and can be styled freely with heating appliances. If you want extensions for only a short amount of time, such as for a wedding or other special occasions, then synthetic extensions are best due to their lower cost.


"How easy is it to remove extensions? Can do it myself?"

It is not recommended for you to remove your extensions on your own. Our trained stylists can safely remove your extensions without damaging your scalp or hair when you're ready

for a new look.

Frequent questions about hair extensions

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